Online Safety

Internet safety is a large concern for many parents, particularly because social media and internet connectivity are often a vital aspect of children's lives and especially the lives of teenagers allowing them to maintain friendships and share interests.

The internet has many positives but it is also open to misuse or overuse.

Parents worry about the risks associated with internet usage and social media. Parents fear that their children are being exposed to inappropriate content, the possibility of contact from strangers, cyber and social media bullying and their children oversharing personal information.

There is a responsibility on parents to be aware of online dangers and to teach their children to manage and navigate these risks and to teach their children to be responsible, respectful and safe online.

This may mean

  • checking the platforms their children use and ensuring they meet the appropriate minimum age requirement
  • using internet filters
  • having rules in place in relation to time limits, usage and settings
  • being consistent and sticking to the rules

Webwise is a great internet safety initiative focussed on raising the awareness of online safety issues and good practice with both parents and children and we are happy to share the below links.

Parent Hub: The full Picture: Expert Videos: Topic Generator: Talking Points: Explainer Guides to Apps: National Parents Council Primary: Online Pornography:

Ultimately it comes down to the three key words.

  • Talk.
  • Guide.
  • Teach.

Parentline is delighted to provide parents with a free copy of the book 'How to protect your kids Online'. The book is written by Graham Mulhern and is for parents, children, teachers, schools and teenagers. It is packed with guidance on managing their children’s lives online.

Graham Mulhern is CEO of BeSecureOnline and provides online safety talks to schools.

Flick through the book, find a section you like, read it and mull it over. It might help see a new angle.

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