Self-harm and Young People

Supporting parents with information on the challenging issue of self-harm and adolescents

Engaging in self-harm is common in Ireland for young people. Surveys show that up to 23% of 12 year to 19 year olds engage in self-harm.

This is a very challenging issue for parents. Parents are a crucial part of the support system for adolescents and they are also essential to getting young people back on the road to recovery. But in order to help with this recovery process, parents themselves need information. They need help in identifying self-harm and what to do if they discover their child is engaging in self-harm.

There are some great links here to documents which can help parents to explore reasons for self-harming behaviours and how to help them and the importance of a safety plan. All the information here is accessible and should help parents of adolescents to explore supports if their children are engaging in self-harm.

Here’s a webinar on ‘Exploring reasons for self-harm in young people’: